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Private Sewage Installation in Smoky Lake and Surrounding Areas

When it comes to private sewage installation, Smoky Lake’s 4J Mechanical is the name you can trust. We have added to our list of professional services in our attempt to serve you better. Now, we can provide you with a more complete start to finish on mechanical systems in residential properties. Whether you need a septic system for your new home or an overhaul of the current septic system, we can do them all. Our work will begin with a detailed discussion that includes the placement of your septic tank and drain field, your land’s characteristics and the cost involved. We will work in line with your site and the septic system that needs to be installed.


Once we are through with the evaluation of your site, we will work on a septic system design that is both effective and compliant with regulatory requirements. We ensure to work within your budget, and also provide a design that can help you save money in the long run. Please note that we will implement the design only when you are fully aware of how your new system will function. To book a service or schedule a visit, contact us today.

Septic System Installation

Consult our team in Smoky Lake for your new private sewage installation.

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