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About 4J Mechanical

Founded in 2011 by Joshua Jarema, 4J Mechanical was started in his parents’ garage where we would carry out side jobs for customers on days off. We then grew to be a full-time business out of a barn at their rental property. 

We went on to hire a couple of employees who worked out of our shop at the current farm residence. Now we are in the process of moving to our new location at 4208 50st in the town of Smoky Lake, where we hope to have a small office staff and better storage facility to suit ourselves and the community.

Over the years, we have completed several full mechanical systems in new houses in Smoky Lake and surrounding areas, and have gained many happy customers. We have worked on projects such as multiple custom residential boiler systems, furnace and water heater change outs as well as many other gas appliances.

Our mission is to provide the best plumbing, heating and gas fitting service to the town and county of Smoky Lake and the surrounding area. We will strive to help as many customers as we can to eliminate local people from having to pay somebody to travel to Smoky Lake to provide services. Get in touch with us to book a service. We will strive to provide the fastest and most professional service that we can and will work with the customer until they are satisfied.

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