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Your One Stop for HVAC Services in Smoky Lake

The boiler or furnace you thought would never malfunction can easily give up on a cold night. Our heating specialists at 4J Mechanical provides HVAC services across Smoky Lake and surrounding areas. We understand the importance of maintaining the ideal temperature throughout the year as well as having the right ventilation system. Whether you require a new zone valve or replace heating system, we have the expertise and knowledge to provide a full service to meet your requirements. We provide installations, repairs and maintenance for:

Hydronic heating systems

Ventilating systems

Air conditioners


Fan coils

Unit heaters

Wall Furnace's

Radiant tube heaters

Or any other type of heating or cooling system you may have


HVAC refers to a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system that improves the quality of air within your home. It consists of various components, including a heat recovery ventilator, humidifier, air conditioner, and furnace.


A heat recovery ventilator, commonly known as ”HRV”, is a component that is installed in a HVAC system to allow transfer of heat from one airstream to the other without the two airstreams coming in contact with each other.


Do you need a new heating or air conditioning system for your home? We can make it a hassle-free process for you from the start to finish. We’ll begin with a detailed consultation and suggest an ideal solution while taking into consideration the location, budget and lifestyle. Once you are fully aware of the work that will follow, we will install your system with minimal disruption to your home. Our work ends only after we are completely sure that your heating or cooling system is working as expected.

Air Conditioning and Heating Specialists

From design to installation and breakdown repairs, our aim is to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

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